The Met Gala is the fashion event of the year. Each go-around, celebrities and other invitees stun the rest of us, dripping in designer labels to match the year’s theme. 

This year, the gala was held in celebration of the Costume Institute’s exhibition, “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” 

While you may not have any custom-made Christian Dior in your closet, Affordable Chic can help you get the looks you love in a way that works better for your lifestyle and budget. 


If you loved Kristine Froseth in Tory Burch...

Kristine Froseth looked radiant in this bright dress inspired by Claire McCardell, an early American designer. The gorgeous high neck, low back, full skirt dress (with pockets) is utilitarian and classic. 

If you're looking to make a similar statement, we recommend our Red Carpet Dress. A bit more modest but just as fun, this dress has texture, moves beautifully, and comes in a bold-yet-feminine statement red color that’s hard to ignore. You’ll surely turn heads in this outfit, which is modest enough for work and fun enough for date night!

If you loved Kaia Gerber in Oscar de la Renta...

What can we say other than classic? Kaia Gerber always looks stunning, but this elegant Oscar de la Renta gown takes it to a new level. The gorgeous detailing on top is subtle but adds some fun to the dress. This gown could have been worn by her mother in the 80’s and still looked just as elegant. 

If timeless elegance is your goal, we would pair you up with our Timeless Black Maxi Dress. This L (as in long) BD will never go out of style, which is good news because you’ll wear it over and over. It’s so simple that it can be styled for a more formal night out or a slightly elevated daytime look. Wear your hair up or down, pair it with pearls or a denim jacket; sneakers or stilettos – this dress will work overtime for you. 

If you loved Alicia Keys in AZ Factory...

Alicia Keys came to the Met Gala to stun. In her gorgeous tulle skirt and sheer top, she looked like the CEO of all of heaven’s angels. Perfectly styled with sleek hair, a bold lip, and diamonds, this is the look for any woman who wants to show off her many facets. Smart, feminine, powerful, and soft. 

If you, too, love to rock your feminine side in your professional wear, we would pair you with our Tulle Skirt and Velvet Jacket combo. Together, you get a gorgeous, multi-textured, and monochrome look that commands respect in the boardroom or at your next charity event. Style it with a peekaboo leopard print shoe for fun, or keep it sleek with a chic pair of black heels. However you wear it, we guarantee you’re going to feel amazing. 

If you loved Rachel Zegler in Christian Dior...

There’s one word for this look: bold. Rachel Zegler came to be remembered in this jewel-toned, graphic dress. The shine of the fabric combined with the silhouette makes her look like a Grecian warrior princess. Her flowing hair and bold lip add a touch of femininity and fun to the overall look.

If you’re bold and want to make a statement, we’d pair you with our Elegant Chic Coat Dress. The gorgeous gold detailing against the dark fabric is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. The silhouette is professional, but the pattern is fun enough to wear almost anywhere. This dress is bound to be your statement piece to wear when you need that extra boost of confidence. This dress is your suit of armor against the world. 

If you loved Carey Mulligan in Valentino...

Carey Mulligan looked strong and feminine in this bright pink, corseted, full-skirt gown. The cape added a touch of mystique and gave us a grown-up Little Red Riding Hood vibe. The look balances femininity with power, independence, and modernity.  

If you want to feel strong and feminine, we’d pair you up with the Magenta Jumpsuit. Complete with a high neck and pockets, this flowy ensemble will keep you comfortable while looking effortlessly elegant. The statement color allows you to make your presence known without showing too much skin. Throw a blazer over this look for work or leave your shoulders bare for a slightly sexier look. Style it to look all-work or all-play. Either way, you’re going to look chic. 

If you loved Anna Wintour in Oscar de la Renta…

Anna Wintour looked perfect, no surprise, in her Oscar de la Renta floral ensemble. This fun and different gown falls beautifully on Anna’s frame. The colorful flowers are chic but playful. It brings you right to the heart of a meadow full of wildflowers in late spring.

If you want that spring-time feeling in a dress that falls perfectly on your body, we recommend our Flower Spring Dress. Feminine and colorful, playful and comfortable, this dress is bound to take you right to your happy place under the warm sun among a field of flowers. 

No matter who your fashion icons are, you don’t have to feel like you could never achieve the look for less at home. At Affordable Chic, we love fashion just as much as you do. But we know that you work hard for your money, and there are times when you'd rather save on clothes to spend more on the things that really matter: your family, a meaningful cause, or your home. Whatever it may be, it's exactly why we make it our mission to find the highest quality, most beautiful pieces for under $100. You deserve to feel good in what you’re wearing, without sacrificing your priorities. 

Browse our shop today to get your next favorite outfit without breaking the bank!


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