Making Something From Nothing: Marialuisa Garito On How To Go From Idea To Launch

It’s all one big learning process. If there’s one thing you can count on when you’re just starting out, it’s that it won’t be linear. You can try all you want to replicate the processes of successful businesses, but your needs will be unique and you have to be willing to start again from scratch along the way.


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Italian-American, Marialuisa Garito Finds Success Niching-Down in E-Commerce

Affordable Chic thrived amidst a pandemic because of its ability to understand its customers.

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The Future of Shopping – Insights From Marialuisa Garito

Raydiant’s new series, the Future of Shopping, interviews experts and thought leaders with a goal of better understanding what organizations can do to prepare themselves for what lies ahead. 

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Marialuisa Garito: "Social media is missing the sense of relation which is fundamental in any business and human relationship"

We talk about retail to Marialuisa Garito, founder of Affordable Chic, a B2C Brand based in NYC that offers high-quality clothing and chic styles to professional and stay-at-home moms between 30 and 65 years old.

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Affordable Chic Fills the Gap Between Luxury and Fast Fashion

“We knew there must be a better way to be a mom and entrepreneur and not sacrifice a wardrobe that we’re proud of and that is sustainable for us and the environment,” says Garito.

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Affordable Chic Launches Chic to Go! Personalized Bags

Affordable Chic, the pop-up phenomenon of stylish Manhattan woman fashion for under $100, today announced the launch of its line of Chic to Go! bags.

“We are very excited about our personal designed Chic to Go! bags,” says Marialuisa Garito, Founder and CEO of Affordable Chic.

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Affordable Chic is the New Chic!

My vision for Affordable Chic was to enable women to put themselves first and still meet the needs of their families. I know how hard all of you have been working to hold your families together through this frightening health crisis. In fact, we are seeing that as women, we can be a full-time everything when life calls on us to do so. 

So here we are: Affordable Chic - a startup founded by women, run by women, and made for women. I hope you can give us a try and also give us your feedback. We want to learn to be the best at helping women look and feel their best.

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New Fashion Startup Bets Its Future On Off-Price Luxury

“Being Italian, I love beauty,” she noted. “Beauty in my country is not just style – it is also quality. Because of this, I faced a huge conflict: wanting to maintain style and high-quality clothing versus saving my money to provide music lessons, travel opportunities and other educational experiences for my daughters. What I noticed in the last couple of years in talking to my design clients and just in walking New York City is that women are often the main income sources in their families. Often, their demands are at home with the kids, so they have a deep knowledge of their budget. And when you have budgetary constraints, you try to address your money in a smarter way.”

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