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Affordable Chic is a modern agora founded by women for women who have families, jobs, and busy social lives.

For years I have challenged myself to find beautiful, high-quality clothes that don’t break the bank. It appalls me that an incredibly high percentage of the price of a dress goes to the label inside the garment.

I demand to wear chic clothes under $100, so I can put our family’s hard-earned money into the things that truly matter: getting a cello for my daughter to practice for her lessons and being more generous when raising the paddle at a charity event. This is why Affordable Chic was born.

At Affordable Chic, we take pride in curating chic clothing for less than $100 from under-the-radar online retailers. We research websites you may never have heard of, and we select the chicest clothes. We touch the clothes, try them on for fit and comfort, and provide you with our own Affordable Chic Rating. This means that you get honest feedback about each and every item on our website.

It goes without saying that there is much in the online world, including on the websites our curated items come from, that don’t meet our standards at Affordable Chic.

Our curated items are the few natural pearls. Join us and explore these rare finds!