There’s nothing quite like the end of the season to make you crave that new-outfit-feeling. After wearing the same clothes all summer, your wardrobe might start to feel a bit stale.

It’s time for a closet refresh, but the dog days of summer tend to drag longer and longer each year. Though the season might feel slower to change, it doesn’t mean you’re slower to want to take out your favorite, chic, fall outfits.

Luckily, the fall aesthetic doesn’t have to make you sweat. You can buy pieces now that you won’t have to wait to wear but still work under your favorite cozy sweaters and gorgeous jackets. 

Here are five transitional items that you can buy today and wear straight through fall: 

Sleeveless button-down

The Sleeveless button-down is a must-have while you fight off the last of the summer heatwaves and pray for those crisp, fall breezes. 

The color essentially functions as a neutral, so you can wear it with your white pants or with blue jeans once autumn begins in earnest. The no sleeves, collared look makes it perfect to wear on its own or paired under your favorite cozy sweater or with a cardigan. 

Hot tip: sleeveless button-downs are the ultimate pieces for layering because you can achieve the chic and studious layered look without all the extra bulk around your arms. 

My Red Skirt and I 

Nothing is as chic as a gorgeous maxi-skirt – except for a gorgeous maxi-skirt in a bold color. 

A beautiful red is one of the most versatile colors because it elevates anything you pair it with, and makes you look like the most confident woman in the room. Not to mention it’s reminiscent of beautiful fall foliage, or playful summer flowers. 

The skirt itself works with a tank top for a breezy summer look or with a sweater to look chic and cozy. 

The Linen Blend Wrap Pants

These capri-length, linen-blend pants are perfect for the end of summer. The wrap and dark color make them an ideal piece for when the foliage is blooming, but that summer humidity is still hanging around. 

These are a perfect option for work-wear with either a long-sleeved sweater or a business casual tank. 

Pair them with your favorite heels or your most elegant loafers and you’ve got an outfit that converts from 75 degrees and sunny to 50 degrees after the sun has gone down. 

The Strapless Jumpsuit with Pockets

A well-fitting jumpsuit, with pockets – no less, is the perfect year-round staple. But this one is particularly ideal for the summer to autumn transition.

Navy is a great color to wear between August, September, and October. It can act as the foundation of a nautical theme for those summer nights spent by the water or it can blend with earthy tones for early fall weather. 

The layering possibilities are almost endless with this piece. Throw a classic button-down over top or a denim jacket for a more casual look. Wear it with a cardigan or blazer for your fall engagements or pair it with a statement necklace and your favorite sandals to finish out your summer with a bang. 

The Soft Grey Jumpsuit

With an open back and flowy legs, this jumpsuit passes the Manhattan Heat Wave test while being subtle enough to not scream “summer”. 

The neutral color lets you pair it with anything in your closet should the wind pick up or the temperature drop. It works with a smart blazer or a cozy cardigan, or even layered with a chunky sweater over top. 

What’s so great about this jumpsuit? You can get so much wear out of it in the next four weeks no matter the weather or the event. It’s soft enough to be casual with trainers but elegant enough to be worn out on the town with your favorite heel. It can go from the boardroom to happy hour with the removal of your blazer and can work it on your next 85 degree day or keep you cozy in a cardigan when the sun goes down and the temperature drops into the 50s. 

The bottom line is that this time of year demands some serious layering savvy. At Affordable Chic, we have pieces that help you to layer effortlessly and, most importantly, comfortably. 

Your wardrobe should work for you as the seasons change. Our selection is made with you in mind, even in those moments when the leaves are changing but it’s a bit too hot for the rest of your autumn wear. 

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