New Year, New You, as the saying goes. But it is February and this is not a flash-in-the-pan New Year’s resolution we are talking about. This is Affordable Chic breaking through...with pretty packages sent around the world to your door.

That’s right! We’ve upgraded our website, our look, and expanded our offerings (hello accessories!) Above all we have made it easier for you to order well-priced clothing and goods directly from our website and Instagram. We ship all of our items, wrapped with love, from our shop to your home, anywhere in the USA, Canada and Europe.

And don't worry, we continue our popular Pop-up parties in and around New York City*. 

Check our Affordable Chic's new website and get 20% off your first purchase with coupon code CHANGEISGOOD.  Hurry!  This code is only good until Valentine's Day.

*Want to host a shopping Pop-up party at your event?  Contact us at

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