Ah, cold winter nights, the perfect time to curl up with a hot cup of tea, gaze out the window and reflect on the past year - and what a year it has been at Affordable Chic! What fun we’ve had! We have a lot to be thankful for and we wanted to share some 2019 highlights with you:
Meeting designers. At the beginning of the year, the company was brand new (founded in Sept 2018) and fresh. Through some trial and error we found a way to consistently curate with confidence to ensure high-quality, chic styles all under $100. This included trips to meet with designers across America to touch the fabric and see the stitching to ensure we were choosing items that you, discerning ladies, would be proud to wear.
Pop-up Events: While we were already hosting Pop-ups at Maria’s place, in the Spring of 2019 we branched out and began holding private Pop-up events at the homes of our Affordable Chic Ambassadors*. Since that first "external" Pop-up, we have held 14 events - all through word of mouth! We were even invited to several large events with upwards of 200 women.
Really great finds: You know those times you find something amazing, and the price is juuuust right? Like, under $100? In 2019 we ordered some great pieces from our affiliate partners for our website and Pop-up events. Here are a few that blew us away in terms of style and quality for the price! (Psst! If you click on the pictures below and use coupon code AFFORDABLECHIC at checkout, you will get 35% off and free customization on your first purchase from our affiliate).
Affordable Chic Photoshoots: We have so much fun at our photoshoots! The ladies in the photos are our friends and are as real as they come. They invite us into their homes, are super supportive, show up with a great attitude and are so generous with their time. It’s all on location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. And a huge hats off to our photographers who brave it all for the perfect shot - we couldn’t do it without you.
Personal Styling: We have already helped so many women look their best with Personal Styling by Affordable Chic. We feel such joy when our clients come back and tell us how great they feel and all the compliments they receive from their friends. What can we say? We love helping people!
Now my tea is finished, the snow has stopped falling and it is time to look forward, and we have some exciting changes in store for you in 2020. Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!
*Do you live in New York City and would like to host a pop-up event for your friends? Send us an email: bechic@affordablechic.com
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