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Lustrous Peplum Blazer Collection in Gold and Emerald

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Delight in the sophistication of our Lustrous Peplum Blazer Collection, available in radiant Gold and rich Emerald. These blazers are not just garments; they are statements of style and poise, each woven with a delicate shimmer that complements their respective colors without overwhelming. The elegant peplum silhouette of each blazer offers a modern take on classic tailoring, enhancing the waist and promising a silhouette that is both graceful and commanding.

Choose the Gold blazer for a subtle sparkle that adds a touch of celebration to any event, or the Emerald for a dash of cool, vibrant sophistication that stands out with refined splendor. Perfectly paired with their matching shorts—available on our site—these blazers are your ticket to a complete, polished look for any occasion that calls for a special touch.

Explore the enchanting hues of our Lustrous Peplum Blazer Collection and select the color that aligns with your event, mood, or personal style palette.

Clothing Size: True to size

Chicness: 90%

Comfort: 100%

CARE: Machine wash cold - delicate cycle - NO DRYER

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