How To Find Your Chic After a Year


Thanks to COVID-19, many of us have spent more than a year quarantined from friends and social events, and possibly even working from home. The outfits you purchased before COVID-19 might not fit anymore, and if they do: after a year of messy buns and comfy lounge clothes, what has your personal style become? 

The key word is personal. Your personal style is about who you are, and what you want to show the world. Where you take your personal style journey next is unique to you, but we’re here to help you find affordable and chic clothing to get you there.


Affordable Dress: The Panelled Tank


Few things are as chic for summer as an almost-black, navy dress. This effortless and chic outfit will make you feel like a million dollars, for the low price of just $80.

Why you need the dress: 

You spent the past 15 months working at home, only going out to the grocery store or running other necessary errands. You’re vaccinated, and ready to hit the streets of the city, but feeling a bit modest. 

This is your outfit. With a loose fit, wide straps and classic length, it lets you lean into your modesty while still looking confident and beautiful. 

Not to mention, this silhouette is gorgeous on anybody’s figure. The dress runs a bit large, so you can be sure it’s comfortable and won’t leave you struggling to breathe by the end of the evening. 

Once you’ve got this dress, you can wear it just about everywhere. Pair it with anything you find in your closet. Denim jacket? Absolutely. Chunky gold necklace? Perfect. Big, floppy sunhat? Fabulous. There’s no wrong way to style it. And the best part? It has pockets!

Chic and Affordable Top: the White


Every woman needs a great jacket, and a white jacket is perfect for summer time.

It’s professional, but the white color adds a carefree and summery element that you need to take it from your office debut to the post-workday happy hour.

Why you need the jacket: 

Did you forget how to dress for the office? No judgement here. If your coworkers have seen you in your work from home clothes on Zoom, you may feel a bit exposed and not quite sure what to wear as you return back to work. 

Enter the White Jacket. You can throw it on top of nearly any outfit, and elevate it to represent the smart business woman that you are. 

You could wear it with a jumpsuit, or style it over a great dress. It would even look fantastic with some beautiful slacks, or a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of heels. 

Bonus: this look never goes out of style. It’s an investment piece, but at $70 it’s the smartest investment you’ll make all year. 

Affordable and formal: the Magenta


All those weddings and other formal events that got postponed are suddenly popping up for this summer, and you don’t have anything to wear. 

Why you need the jumpsuit: 

The Magenta Jumpsuit is for the woman who has been waiting for months to make a statement. It’s been far too long since you put on an outfit, walked outside, and nearly stopped traffic. 

With the bright color and the gorgeous silhouette, this jumpsuit is exactly what you need to say to the world that you are back. It’s feminine and powerful, just like you. 

A bonus: it’s loose, so you know it’s comfortable for you to wear all day. 

If you’ve been waiting for months to make a fashion debut that your friends and family will remember, this is the outfit for you. 

Casual and Chic: The White Top

You always need a great white shirt that can go from casual to formal at the drop of a hat. This is that top. It’s cut beautifully and made to last.

Why you need the top:

You enjoyed the ease of working at home and staying in during quarantine. You might have found that you feel your absolute best in a no-muss, no-fuss outfit.

But that leaves you with a dilemma: you want to stay effortlessly chic, comfy, and on the lower-end of your clothing budget, but life is happening and you can’t wear lounge clothes out to dinner. The White Top is your savior. 


Chic Bottoms: The White Pant

COVID-19 quarantine is coming to a close right as white pants season begins. Sleek, summery, white pants are a wardrobe staple- and if your old pair aren’t looking so good or don’t fit, it’s time to restock. 

Why you need The White Pant: 

These pants are high-waisted with an elastic waistband and wide leg. They’re both comfortable and flattering while remaining elegant and fun. 

If your summer calendar is piling up with trips to the beach, these are the pants you need for the post-beach dinner. Wear them around town with your sunhat and anything from a great cotton tee to a gorgeous silk top to look exceptionally beach-chic. Just don’t forget your SPF! 

As you get more comfortable re-entering your social life, it’s important to feel comfortable. No matter how you spent the last 15 months, Affordable Chic has lovely options that will make you feel like the best version of yourself at a price that you can afford. If you didn’t see your perfect chic piece at the price that’s right for you, visit our website. We have something special for you, and we’re just waiting for you to find it! 

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