Wonder what goes on behind the scenes at an Affordable Chic photoshoot? Here’s a sneak peek! We scour under-the-radar websites for chic and well-made clothing under $100. When placing our orders, we diligently keep in mind the figure of our real women models. 

As soon as the clothes come in, we touch them, we check every inch of them, and slip them on to make sure they live up to our standards in chicness. Then we gather our models for a festive photoshoot that makes us all feel great. 

We are proud to say that our photoshoots are often peppered with precious aha moments, where a model who wouldn’t have considered an outfit for herself by looking at it on the hanger, puts it on and...buys it!

We live in NYC so the city is our playground...but during the winter things get dicey (or rather “icy”) so we either cozy up indoors or sometimes brave the cold... (Chicness made us do it…) Here is a preview of our next collection!

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