Soft Shave Cream

Soft shave cream for men (or for women who shave too!)

Father’s should be celebrated every day so Affordable Chic brings you “The pre kiss shaving soap” to help men feel special each time they shave. We believe the old world methods of shaving are effective and timeless. And with us, this luxurious shaving soap is also Affordable.

Since 1903, the Valobra family of Genova, Italy has produced exceptional bathing soaps. Today the House of Valobra hand picks natural ingredients and fortifies each bar with vitamins. The ancestry of good soap making still exists today as the Valobra soap masters season each bar for 6 months and hard mill them several times for long use and luxurious bathing pleasure. Rich in natural menthol for a very crisp, clean shave. ***Note: One bar of Valobra is a year’s supply, so it’s the Father’s Day gift that lasts all year long!

Made in Italy

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