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Besides answering the decades-old question “What should I wear?”, hiring a personal stylist has innumerable benefits. Read about the top three, here: 

1) Boost your confidence. As women we are often our loudest self-critics, and who 100% loves every aspect of their appearance? Add the fact that sometimes our bodies change (winter weight, post-baby weight, the last 10 lbs, you know what I mean?), and it sets us up for a perfect storm. So why do you need a personal stylist? Styling will help you highlight your best features and skim over any areas you’d prefer not to flaunt. You’ll know you look great, and that in itself is a confidence booster. 

2) Spend time on more important things. Do you wish you could look put together and effortless, without all the effort? The amount of time spent looking through our closets and trying to figure out what to wear, or browsing/shopping for new clothes could be much better spent on pretty much anything else! If you have a special occasion coming up, need a seasonal update, or are just looking for a few key pieces for your wardrobe, personal styling can be invaluable. Your stylist will help you choose clothing that works for you, your lifestyle and your budget so you can spend your time on the things that matter most.

3) Learn a new skill. You have probably heard that accessorizing can give new life to the clothes you already have, but how many of us actually know how to do it properly? Reaching out to a personal stylist can help you find key pieces that work to elevate your existing wardrobe, and will teach you tips and tricks to accessorize for your body shape.

Get Personal Styling by Affordable Chic to see how you can elevate your wardrobe, look chic, save time and learn something new. And as with everything Affordable Chic, this service is competitively priced. We respect your money and the hard work behind it. As always, the clothes selected especially for you are less than $100.

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